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Best way to get a targeted email that is active and how much will it cost

Best way to get a targeted email that is active and how much will it cost

There are quite a few well-known database providers in the market that provide industry-specific email lists at reasonable prices. Database providers have an extensive learning of different industries and can assist you zero in on the most valued opportunities. They also offer you accurate contact records and optimum deliverability which are highly critical elements to optimize the ROI of a email marketing service.

Some of the most noted b2b email list providers that have been on the internet for quite some time now are:


  • Database USA
  • Leadpyramid
  • ZoomInfo
  • Dataman Group
  • Binaryclues
  • Cloudlead
  • Prospect Cloud
  • Special Databases
  • InfoUSA
  • AeroLeads
  • PinPoint Technologies
  • DMDatabases
  • K-12 Data
  • MaxPro Data
  • Lead411
  • Exchange Leads
  • Lake Group Media
  • APC Email Lists
  • RedBase Interactive
  • MegaLeads
  • Brightspeed
  • UpLead

Most of these can be comprehended for the purpose of buying mailing lists, however some stand out as better than the others and can be vouched for with regards to their service quality. For example, you can take leadpyramid, which is a database of the top decision makers across various industries. It supplies you with targeted email lists, which are updated and freed of errors on a periodical basis. However the highlight of its services is the rapid replacement of inactive contacts if found in any of your purchased lists. This provides you with a convincing reason to trust its services, as any undesired loss shall be compensated at the earliest. There are other popular services on the internet that I have tried and tested personally as a marketing manager are:

     - Binaryclues.com
     - Discover.org
     - Data.com
     - Hoovers.com

These purchased targeted mailing lists have the possibility to divulge important details about your industry which then lets you take better and more up to date decisions and maximize your marketing budget. Regarding thr costs, you better reach out to the respective providers and let them know of your requirements.

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