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Planning ROI Strategy In Email Marketing

Planning ROI Strategy In Email Marketing

Email marketing undoubtedly is one of an important aspect of every business’ marketing efforts but does it really bring value? Yes it does! It has actually emerged as one of the best ways to engage the target audience.

Email itself is an effective channel of digital communication and when used as a marketing tool through email database providers in India, it affects the ROI of  business.

Return On Investment (ROI) is the measurement of various marketing activities and their success rate. When we use it particularly for email marketing, we call it Email Marketing ROI. Hence it is a metric to measure the investment done on email campaigns using email database India. The increase and decrease in ROI clearly indicates the success and failure rate of email campaigns.

To go in a little detail, email marketing revolves around two factors- revenue gained and amount spent. The terms clearly state themselves; the amount spent is the investment value of campaign promotion and revenue gained is the profit you earn out of it. Using a mathematical calculation of these, ROI gives the performance result of the email campaign.

Why Email Marketing ROI Is Important?

Email marketing is a top performing marketing channel with a potential to generate more leads and bring business profits. Not only is it profitable but a widely used medium too. Therefore for seeing its progression, calculating the return on investment becomes important! 

ROI provides the answers to questions like:

  • What is the success rate of the campaign?

  • Was the campaign more result-oriented in terms of revenue?

  • What are the improvement sections?

  • What is the pattern of customer opinion?


There are five major methods which you can use to plan an effective Email Marketing ROI strategy for your business:

1. Using automated tools

To harness the ROI at maximum when you are running a large number of email campaigns, making the analysis processes automated optimises the ROI results. Some examples could be- autoresponder tools, subscription tools, conversion tools.


2. Packaging email marketing with social media

Social media is also one of the key platforms besides email, in marketing efforts. When two strong platforms are connected together, it boosts the ROI to a greater extent. Combining these will boost the sales and increase the return on investment.


3. Embedding pixel codes

Pixel snippet is a tracking code which is embedded in websites to get insights on traffic. Facebook also provides its Pixel Advertisements. You can use pixel codes in your marketing campaigns to automatically send emails and track user engagement which will help to drive ROI results.


4. Ensuring the feasibility of emails by appropriate testing

Before making any email campaign live, ensure testing phase is important to optimize ROI results. A/B testing will help your email marketing ROI to increase.


5. Timelining the campaigns

Deciding the time slots and rush hours can really enhance your efforts in marketing campaigns. Delivering the email with the right message is important but delivering them at the right time will increase the ROI open rate.

To summarize, a successful email marketing campaign does not complete without planning an efficient ROI. Start implementing it to your business and generate maximum results. Approach to bulk email database providers in India.

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